WiWander provides pocket Wi-Fi router rental with unlimited data to outbound Australian travellers for multiple destinations around the world.

WiWander pocket Wi-Fi routers are perfect for leisure or business use when travelling and ensure excellent internet connection wherever you are.

Forget data roaming! Wander wherever, worry-free with unlimited Wi-Fi.


Why Use WiWander?

*Penalty Charges begin at 0000 hours

*Our European coverage is for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. All other European countries are not covered by our Wi-Fi service.

Product specifications shown above are for illustration purposes only and are subject to availability.
Product dimensions and appearance may differ from images shown.

The average lifespan of a fully-charged up Travel WiFi Router is about 6 hours.

This lifespan is an estimation as it depends on the number of smart devices connected to the router, data consumption and the condition of the strength of the signal.

WiWander’s Pocket Wi-Fi is a personal wireless router that connects Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the internet with a secure network connection; just like the Wi-Fi you have at home, only a portable, pocket version. WiWander’s pocket Wi-Fi saves you from costly data roaming, Wi-Fi hunting, the hassle of overseas SIM cards and best yet, our Pocket Wi-Fi is pre-configured ready to connect.

Everything you normally do when connected to the internet on your devices!
Some examples include:

  • Staying in touch with friends and family back home through apps like Facebook®, WhatsApp® or Snapchat®
  • Find your way around using Google Maps®
  • Check your emails (especially business travellers)
  • Share your adventures on social media like Facebook® and Instagram®
  • Find useful information for your trip (attractions, opening hours, public transport etc.)
  • And much more…

WiWander Pocket Wi-Fi routers are pre-configured to work with our partnership networks overseas. As such you’ll be unable to insert your own SIM card into our router, but that’s the beauty of our service – no installation, no configuration, just connect and away you go.

When your pocket Wi-Fi is delivered, you’ll receive charging cables, a universal charger, a user manual to guide you and of course, the router itself!

Unfortunately, countries not listed on our website are currently not covered by our Wi-Fi routers. We are working to provide our Wi-Fi service to more countries in the future as we grow.

WiWander’s WiFi routers currently only support connectivity only for one country at a time (excluding Europe). For example, your pocket Wi-Fi for Singapore, cannot be used in Hong Kong. Your pocket Wi-Fi for Europe however will work in all of the countries we support across Europe.

  1. All reservations must be made online at least 5 working days before your departure date.
  2. Enter your travel and personal details on the reservation form
  3. Pay online and receive your reservation confirmation
  4. Your router will be delivered to your day before you depart.
Click below to reserve your router http://www.wiwander.com/WiFi_Router/Reservation

Our service charges are based on daily rental of our routers instead of data consumption. The cost is based on the number of days travelled.

If your travel dates to Thailand are from 1st Jan to 7th Jan, you will be charged for 7 days of rental.

Date Rental Fee (Usual Price)
1st Jan: AUD 12
2nd Jan: AUD 12
3rd Jan: AUD 12
4th Jan: AUD 12
5th Jan: AUD 12
6th Jan: AUD 12
7th Jan: AUD 12
Total period: 7 days Total cost: AUD 84* (excludes delivery cost)

Yes. A deposit of AUD100 will be charged on reservation and refunded to you within 7-14 working days after the Pocket Wi-Fi is successfully returned to us.

If you depart in less than 5 working days but would still like to rent one of our Pocket Wi-Fi routers, please call us on +61 405 945 900. We will try our best to provide you with a WiWander router before your trip.

Email hello@wiwander.com and let us know of any the changes. We will advise you accordingly.

As soon as your plans change, notify us as soon as possible! How soon you notify us will determine the outcome.

There is no penalty if you cancel more than five working days before your indicated departure date. You will receive your refund within 7 to 14 working days.

You will be charged AUD20 if you cancel less than five working days before your indicated departure date. The remaining amount will be refunded to you within 7 to 14 working days.

When you reserve your Pocket Wi-Fi router, you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards which includes delivery details. Your pocket Wi-Fi will be delivered to the given address on your reservation form at least one working day before your departure date.

Your pocket Wi-Fi will be delivered to the given address on your reservation form at least one working day before your departure date.

If your departure date is Tuesday 2nd September, your Pocket Wi-Fi router will be delivered to the mailing address provided by Monday 1st September at the very latest.

Delivery charges vary between states. The pricing displayed below includes delivery and return.

Destination Shipping Fees (AUD)
Brisbane 14
Sydney 22
Melbourne 28

Yes, the user guide is enclosed in every bag to help you get connected overseas.

  1. Turn off mobile data on your devices to avoid costly roaming charges.
  2. Turn on the WiWander Pocket Wi-Fi router.
  3. Enable the Wi-Fi function on your devices
  4. Search nearby Wi-Fi and select the network name (SSID)
  5. Enter the password onto your devices
  6. You’re now connected!
Note: SSID and password are indicated on the back of your pocket Wi-Fi router.

With all unlimited plans, a fair usage policy applies. Please see the Fair Usage FAQ section for more information.

Yes. As long as Wi-Fi is enabled, it can be connected to the Pocket Wi-Fi. 4G just refers to the connection speed when a user is accessing the internet.

This depends on the model type of the router and the country you are renting for. On average you can connect up to 5 devices at a time.

The network range is approximately 10 metres from the router without obstacles.

The average battery life is approximately five to eight hours, depending on the number of connecting devices, data consumption and radio wave condition.

Try to restart the pocket Wi-Fi router by turning it off and on again. Alternatively reset it by pressing the “reset” button found at the bottom right corner of the router.

If problems persists, please take a photo of the screen of the router (when on) and email hello@wiwander.com to inform us of the issue.

A Fair Usage Policy is a set of guidelines implemented by the country's local carrier (Internet Service Provider/ISP) to limit the amount of data consumed by the end user.

Our rentals include unlimited data, however if there is deemed to be abuse of this, you may discover significantly reduced connection speeds, or in some cases your connection may be terminated by the carrier. This is to prevent data abuse and violation of data service agreement, such as bandwidth hogging.

A country carrier reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to deny or terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend the service if the end user engages in unfair usage, in excessive or abusive usage on the ISP, at their sole discretion, determines that action is necessary to protect the network from harm or degradation.

WiWander is not liable if the connection service is terminated when the end user has breached the fair usage policy.

Yes, however as per the Fair Usage policy, attempting to download gigabytes of data everyday will most likely result in the termination of your connection from the country’s local carrier.

The limit we have only applies to your download speeds. This limit which reduces your download speed is different for each country however is detailed in the table below. Every day at midnight, your usage will be reset to zero so if you have passed your daily data speed limit, you will be restored to 100MB/s connection.

Country Data limit before throttling (estimated) Speed before throttling Speed after throttling
Singapore Unlimited 100MB/s Download
50MB/s Upload
South Korea
1GB 100MB/s Download
50MB/s Upload
Hong Kong
500MB Data Usage 100MB/s Download
50MB/s Upload

We will contact you after you return to arrange pick up on the next working day after your arrival back in Australia (as indicated on your reservation form). We will arrange a courier to pick up the pocket Wi-Fi router from you based on the agreed arrangement.

Example: If your return date is 4th September, we will contact you on 5th September to arrange the courier to collect the device from you on that day unless it is a weekend. In that case pickup will be the first working day.

Late Returns

A late fee will be imposed if our courier does not pick up the Pocket Wi-Fi router from you on the day after your return or first working day. You will be charged from the second day until the day the device is picked up by our courier. Our late fees are described below.

Late Fee (AUD) Countries
10 / day China
Hong Kong
South Korea
United States of America
25 / day Europe

Example: If your intended return date is 4th September and no courier arrangements are made for return, a late penalty will be charged to you, from 6th September onwards until its return to WiWander.

Damaged or Accidental Loss

If you misplace your Pocket Wi-Fi router, please report it to the police in the country off loss and send us the report (as proof) when you are back in Australia.

Penalty charges for any loss or damages are as follows:

Loss and Damaged of: Charges (AUD)
Wi-Fi router and Data card 200
Carrying Case 20
Converting plug 20
Accessories 8
Portable Charger 20
User Guide 20